Jackson Menkedick




Is an energetic baritone saxophone player who grew up in Columbus, Ohio. He was involved in the local jazz scene from an early age and played in an honors band, the Columbus Youth Jazz Orchestra, which gave him the opportunity to tour Italy three times and open for artists such as Wycliff Gordon, Wessel Anderson and Branford Marsalis. He went on to attend Ohio State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in theatre performance and a minor in jazz performance.

After college, Jackson began experimenting with different genres. He played extensively throughout Ohio with a multitude of bands ranging in style from jazz and funk to progressive rock and ambient noise. He explored different instruments and played the role of lead singer, electronic noise maker, and auxiliary percussionist in his progressive rock band, The Alpine Ghost.  He also recorded, produced and played all the instruments on his solo EP, “Dust From the Floor Above.” After two years these musical explorations culminated in a year spent on the road listening to and studying a wide range of leading artists in their genres. His studies eventually led Jackson back to where he began – playing jazz saxophone.

Jackson currently resides in Malmö, Sweden where he focuses on writing and performing his original music as well as playing with other local artists. He recently released an EP entitled Wild Siren which is available for listening under the music section.